I was born in Cleveland Heights. Before I was ready to abandon my Big Wheel, my family transported to Toledo. I started getting into music around the age of 10. I became interested in the drums and the parental unit was kind
enough to allow me the opportunity to play on a drum set by the age of 13. Since then, I have always been damned with music being at the forefront of my life. I have watched babies become giants, stars fall and eaten ramen noodles for years on end. I am a drummer/percussionist and a student of music in almost all of its forms (I can't swing though, damnit!). Though partial to experimental music, my ear recognizes, and my eye sees, a true talent. I enjoy music that challenges a listener. I enjoy music that challenges a musician. In the end though, music is a celebration of life's experiences. Isn't it just amazing how many people have such boring ones? Lives, that isÉ Love/Hate. Can you feel it? BLEEEEAAAARGH!!!