Discographies of Northwest Ohio bands

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Claude Black
Blind Circus
Brian Bocian

Chuck Taylor and the Dixie Squid

Delta 88
Driftwood Whale

The French

Tom and Gay Galvin
Glinda's Bubble
Gone Daddy Finch

The Heelees
Scott Hunt

Jelise and Company


Logic Alley

The Meat

One Thin Dime
The Orgones

Poe Ditch
Pulled Groin

San Diago
Soledad Brothers
The Sprags
The Starlings

Universe Crew

  • Benlow (formerly All Hail Me)

    All Hail Me LP

    Chuck Mauk/drums/producer
    John Mauk/vocals/guitar/producer
    Wasim Hawary/bass/vocals/producer
    Mike Cleveland/guitar/vocals/producer/engineer
    Recorded at The Loft in Saline, Mich.

    Released in 1996/Overture Records

    Lessons in Monster Making LP

    Chuck Mauk/drums/producer
    John Mauk/vocals/guitar/producer
    Wasim Hawary/bass/vocals/producer
    Mike Cleveland/guitar/vocals/producer/engineer
    Andy Patalan/producer/engineer
    Doug Fiely/artwork
    Recorded during November and December of 1996 at Overture Records in Detroit and The Loft in Saline, Mich.

    Released in 1997/Overture Records

    My Little Psycho EP

    Chuck Mauk/drums/producer
    John Mauk/vocals/guitar/producer
    Wasim Hawary/bass/vocals/producer
    Mike Cleveland/guitar/vocals/producer/engineer
    Chad Smith/organ/piano
    Tim Gahagan/percussion
    Gregg Leonard/producer
    Geoff Michael/producer
    Recorded at Cleveland's Studio in Toledo, Ohio and at Big Sky Recording in Ann Arbor, Mich.

    Track list:
    1) Lunar Puppets
    2) Louisa's Love
    3) Give Me Away
    4) Life
    5) Your Lunatic

    Released in 1999/self-release

    Absolutely Nothing EP

    Chuck Mauk/drums
    John Mauk/vocals/guitar
    Wasim Hawary/bass/vocals
    Mike Cleveland/guitar/vocals

    Track list:
    1) I Gotta Get Back
    2) Absolutely Nothing
    3) I Don't Believe It
    4) Falling
    5) Good Timing
    6) Picking Up the Pieces
    7) Off the Roof

    Released in 2000/self-release

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  • Claude Black

    Live at the Peristyle LP

    Claude Black/piano
    Jeff Halsey/bass
    Clifford Murphy/bass
    Sean Dobbins/drums
    James Wendell Harrison/drums
    Felton Jones/trumpet
    Dr. John Hair/trombone
    Randy Kneisley/trombone
    Merritt "The Silver Fox" Dalton/alto saxophone
    Phil Lasley/tenor saxophone
    Chris Neal/tenor saxophone
    Shirley Cook/vocalist
    Cass Harris/vocals
    Paul Bailey/1st violin
    Diana Anderson/2nd violin
    Bernard Linden/viola
    Amy Simon/cello
    Dr. David Jex/musical coordinator/arrangements
    Brad Sharp/arrangements
    Chris Stoll/recording engineer/mastering
    Ken Zuercher/recording engineer
    David Mariasy/mixing
    Recorded live at the Toledo Museum of Art Peristyle on Feb. 25, 2000

    Track list:
    1) A Time for Love
    2) Steppin' Out Uptown
    3) The Old Country
    4) Alone Together
    5) If He Walked Into My Life
    6) Avila and Tequila
    7) Warm Valley
    8) Nature of Jazz Suite I.) Bit of This, Bit of That II.) Soulfully Swinging III.) Free to Be Me
    9) Don't Misunderstand
    10) One O'Clock Jump

    Released in 2000/TJS/CB Productions
    Catalog number: TJSCB

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  • Blind Circus

    Blind Circus LP

    Reggie Ramsdell/vocals/lead guitar/harmonica
    Greg Denis/rhythm and lead guitars/backing vocals
    Jim Teeple/bass/backing vocals
    Tony Nepomuceno/percussion
    Pete Bishop/synthesizer
    Scott Denis/cover art
    Al Denis/photography

    Track list:
    1) Blind Circus
    2) On the Run
    3) Bad Boy Blues
    4) Melody Maker
    5) Holiday
    6) Only One for Me
    7) Lonely
    8) The Sinner's Song
    9) Mr. Shalaylee

    Released in 2000/self-release
    Catalog number: BLIND1

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  • Brian Bocian

    To Do It or See To It LP

    Brian Bocian/guitar/vocals

    Released in 1999/self-release

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  • Cakaw

    Cakaw LP

    Zach Hill/guitar
    Nif Hill/bass
    Dan Horvath/drums
    Ben Began/recording
    Matt Taplinger/photography
    Recorded in February of 2002 at 40 oz. Sound in Ann Arbor, Mich.

    Track list:
    1) Transmogrifier
    2) Keeping Warm with an Axe
    3) Evil Genius Takes a Holiday
    4) How to Avoid Huge Ships
    5) The Complete Monk

    Released in 2002/Goat Compels You
    Catalog number: GCY0000010

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  • Chuck Taylor and the Dixie Squid

    There's No Crabs within this Band LP

    Ben Herrick/trombone/vocals
    Brian Vogt/washboard
    Dave Kosmyna/cornet/vocals/producer/liner notes
    Jenn Perry/banjo/vocals
    Erik Hertz/clarinet
    Mike Lonesky/tuba
    Bill Hayes/piano/producer/mixing/mastering
    Kimberly Roof/photography
    "Ragtime" Rick Grafing/liner notes
    Recorded in September of 1998 at University of Toledo's Center for the Performing Arts

    Track list:
    1) At the Cod Fish Ball
    2) Here Comes the Hot Tamale Man
    3) Peoria
    4) Big Butter and Egg Man
    5) Ragtime March
    6) West End Blues
    7) Exactly Like You
    8) Perdido Street Blues
    9) Ma, He's Makin' Eyes at Me
    10) Louisiana Fairytale
    11) Amazing Grace
    12) Hindustan
    13) I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None of This Jelly Roll
    14) Louisville Blues
    15) That's a Plenty

    Released in 1998/self-release
    Catalog number: CTDS982

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  • Delta 88

    Delta 88 LP

    Danny Kline/vocals/acoustic guitar/producer/photography
    John Sperendi/bass/background vocals/producer
    Alex Anest/guitar/mandolin/background vocals/producer
    Jeff Plankenhorn/dobro
    Erik Alderink/background vocals/engineer
    Donn Deniston/drums
    Dean Moore II/alto sax
    Dann Friedman/tenor sax
    David Luther/bari sax
    Paul Finkbeiner/trumpet
    Chris Smith/trombone
    Aaron Seagull/drums
    World Class Tapes/graphic production/replication
    Recorded at Perfect Balance in Ann Arbor, Mich. from Oct. 26-28, 1999.

    Track list:
    1) Stone Quarry
    2) The Hour Rounding
    3) Son
    4) One
    5) Rollin' On
    6) Truth is a Whisper
    7) Feelin' Low
    8) Paul
    9) Smoke #20
    10) All My Life
    11) Q

    Released in 1999/self-release
    Catalog number: D88-001

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  • Driftwood Whale

    Maplecarp LP

    David Carpenter/vocals/guitar/collage
    Tom Jackson/bass/vocals/photography
    Derek Vargo/drums/vocals
    Dalton Brand/recording/mixing/layout/Echoplex
    Brad Seelman/photography
    Recorded at WaveBurner Recording in Port Clinton, Ohio

    Track list:
    1) Lonesome and the Blindman
    2) New Year's Wedding
    3) Ritalin Chicken
    4) Fade Away
    5) Jungle Cat
    6) Strange
    7) Garbageman
    8) Jim Jones
    9) Sunshine
    10) I'm Cool (Cheezy)
    11) HTCS
    12) Jack
    13) Career Girl
    14) Mother Earth
    15) Love Can Wait

    Released in 1999/Elaine Records
    Catalog number: DWW99

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  • The French


    Jason Thomas/lead guitar/producer
    Kaela Thomas (aka Cherry French)/vocals/rhythm guitar
    Zak Durst/bass
    Ben Smith/drums

    Track list:
    1) Lose that Loser

    Released in 2000/self-release

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  • Fuzgunn


    Steve Howell/vocals/guitar/producer/photography
    Bill Clifford/drums/producer
    Sean Sefcik/bass/producer
    Jason Zimmerman/design
    Recorded at Kohl Hall and the Moore Musical Arts Center at Bowling Green State University during the spring of 1998.

    Track list:
    1) Future Folds to Today Untold
    2) Hosin' Helen
    3) Opportunities Knocks
    4) London
    5) Stun Gun
    6) Find You
    7) Empty Shell

    Released in 1998/self-release

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  • Tom and Gay Galvin

    That Way with Lovers LP

    Gay Galvin/keyboard/bass
    Tom Galvin/rhythm guitar/vocals
    Bob Lohr/lead guitar/keyboard
    Patrick Lewandowski/lead guitar/slide guitar
    Kerry Patric Clark/producer

    Track list:
    1) That Way With Lovers
    2) Isadora
    3) Where Have All the Women Gone?
    4) I Am
    5) You Won't Stay Dead
    6) Ballads
    7) Blue Collar Town
    8) Humpty Dumpty
    9) Fresh and New
    10) Move That Piece of Junk
    11) Wrong Side of the Border
    12) K.C.
    13) First Goodbye
    14) Mr. Bert
    15) Lullabye

    Released in 2000/self-release
    Catalog number: CD-#1

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  • Glide

    Glide EP

    Dan Greunke/guitar/vocals/producer
    Jason Beebe/guitar/producer
    Bryan Ellis/bass/producer
    Ben Steinbart/drums/producer
    Dan Schroeder/mastering
    Steve Scharren/mastering
    Kerry Brown/engineering
    Ken Sluiter/engineering
    Mic Orange/loops/samples
    Nick Riggio/energy manipulation
    Brent A. Sterling/sleeve design/photography
    Shawn Newman/photography
    Recorded at Soundworks in Chicago, Ill.

    Track list:
    1) Wondergirl
    2) Bitch
    3) No Time
    4) Flounder
    5) Way Out Daydream

    Released in 1995/Fifth Dimension Records
    Catalog number: 06402

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  • Glinda's Bubble

    Behind the Moon EP

    Phyllis Dwyer/vocals/guitars
    Mark Amos/bass/keyboards/vocals
    Steve Dwyer/drums
    Jon Dwyer/guitars

    Track list:
    1) One Foot Dancing
    2) Strange Things
    3) Frozen Roses
    4) Annie Knows
    5) Dalai Lama's Shoes
    6) Ancient Voices
    7) The Mercy
    8) Breathe In
    9) Too Close for Comfort

    Released in 2000/Caged Bird Productions

    Ancient Voices EP

    Phyllis Dwyer/vocals/guitars
    Mark Amos/vocals/bass/keyboard/Chapman Stick
    Jon Dwyer/guitar/bass/keyboard
    Steve Dwyer/vocals/drums/loops/guitar
    Gary L. Stevens/photography

    Track list:
    1) Patina
    2) Incoming
    3) Hunting Season
    4) Fatal Flaw
    5) Another Holy War

    Released in 2001/self-release

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  • Gone Daddy Finch

    God's Own Santa Jacket EP

    Kevin Murnen/guitar/vocals/producer
    Eric Klinger/bass/vocals/producer
    Tommy Grzybowski/drums/vocals/producer
    Dave Feeny/producer
    Recorded at The Tempermill in Detroit, Mich.

    Track list:
    1) I Don't Hope for Her
    2) Not Quite Right
    3) Penthouse Cosmopolitan
    4) Temporary Glasses
    5) One of the Good Ones

    Released in 1992/OFFWhite Records
    Catalog number: OW0192

    Swallow My Worst Year EP

    Tommy Grzybowski/drums/vocals/producer
    Eric Klinger/bass/vocals/guitar/banjo/producer
    Kevin Murnen/guitar/vocals/producer
    Dave Feeny/producer
    Gina Hesketh/photography
    Tim Bueter/photography
    Kelli Kling/art design
    Recorded at The Tempermill in Detroit, Mich.

    Track list:
    1) I Like My Little Girl
    2) Kevin's Head
    3) Why Are You Here
    4) Harvey's Wife
    5) I Could Kill You if I Want
    6) Part of the Deal
    7) King of the Middle of the Road
    8) Sunshine Sister
    9) Useless
    10) 22
    11) T'Moolee
    12) Drastic
    13) Lost Pages of Taffy's Soul
    14) Unclean

    Released in 1996/OFFWhite Records
    Catalog number: OW9604

    Don't Let Her Push You Around single

    Tommy Grzybowski/drums/vocals/producer
    Kevin Murnen/guitar/vocals/producer

    Track list:
    1) Don't Let Her Push You Around
    2) Shown the Light

    Norman Fell Records
    Catalog number: NFR001

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  • The Heelees

    Three Heads are Better than One LP

    Steve Mizer/keyboards/keyboard bass/lead and backing vocals/engineer/producer
    Joe Ziegler/drums/percussion/lead and backing vocals/engineer/producer
    Jeff McClung/guitars/mandolin/lead and backing vocals/engineer/producer
    Jim Mack/engineer
    Recorded and mixed at The Macaroon Ranch and Zig's Homebase studios

    Track list:
    1) It's Your Life
    2) Allison Jayn
    3) Swing It
    4) Through Thinkin'
    5) She's a Backbreaker
    6) So Bad Blues
    7) Two Pillows
    8) Victim 21
    9) Lucky Guy Blues
    10) Big Feet
    11) Scenic Kills
    12) Say Goodnight

    Released in 1999/Bad Dog Records
    Catalog number: 0000001

    Kazillionaires LP

    Steve Mizer/keyboards/keyboard bass/lead and backing vocals/engineer/producer
    Joe Ziegler/drums/percussion/lead and backing vocals/engineer/producer
    Jeff McClung/guitars/lead vocals
    Jim Mack/engineer
    Luke Vossen/mixing/mastering/engineer
    Recorded and mixed at The Macaroon Ranch, Zig's Homebase and Mt. Airy studios

    Track list:
    1) Ravenette
    2) Say It with My Guitar
    3) The Loser Buys
    4) Better Left a Fantasy
    5) Kiss and Tell
    6) I Don't Want to Say
    7) Cool Clear Rain
    8) Jump in the Shower
    9) (Always Got) Friday Night
    10) Forget It
    11) Huron Jam

    Released in 2001/Bad Dog Records
    Catalog number: 0000002

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  • Scott Hunt

    Rich Seng Presents Scott Hunt LP

    Scott Hunt/songwriter/producer/vocals/instruments

    Track list:
    1) 21
    2) 22
    3) Something About Sunshine
    4) Snoopy
    5) Where Have You Been
    6) Over Only You
    7) I Will Soon Be Born
    8) Best Friends
    9) Singles
    10) Eggshells
    11) I'd Love to Be a Friend
    12) Home for a Minute
    13) What March Brings
    14) Happy
    15) Dear Friend
    16) That's What She Does
    17) Cleveland Gary
    18) Sweeter than All the Rest
    19) Baby I've Waited So Long
    20) A Friend Says it Takes Time
    21) Taverness Cavern
    22) East Harbor

    Montana LP

    Scott Hunt/songwriter/producer/vocals/instruments

    Track list:
    1) An Offering
    2) Kisses
    3) Strangers
    4) Childhood
    5) Sleepy Ann
    6) We Can Smile
    7) Samar
    8) Montana
    9) I Love to See You Shine
    10) Rising Wind
    11) Real Life Fantasy
    12) I Was Fine Without You
    13) Looking at the World
    14) All Those Questions
    15) Together

    Reverie LP

    Scott Hunt/songwriter/producer/vocals/instruments
    Shelby Hunt/vocals
    Ken Dudley/producer/songwriter**
    Rachel Melat/songwriter*
    Mark Mikel/instruments
    Dave Kosmyna/horns
    Rich Seng/instruments
    Braden Hoffmann/instruments
    Andy Feyes/instruments
    Ben Herrick/horns
    Eric Hertz/instruments
    Heather Whitman/photography
    Chris Porter/photography/layout/design
    Jim Ryan/manager

    Track list:
    1) Intro (Theme)
    2) I'm For You
    3) West Virginia
    4) Summersong (Theme)
    5) Ladybug
    6) All You Gotta Do Is Fly
    7) Reverie (Theme)
    8) Good Bye Sunny Days
    9) P.B.S. (theme)
    10) Why'd You Do That
    11) Summertime*
    12) Ragtime (Theme)
    13) New Mexico
    14) The Woman*
    15) Rey Rey Cha Cha**
    16) What Is Hip Today*
    17) Don't Say Nothin (This Time Ain't Over)

    Released in 1999/Galaxy Records
    Catalog number: GR-0062

    Shy Violet LP

    Scott Hunt/songwriter/producer/arrangements

    Track list:
    1) Steppin Away
    2) Tell Me What You Want
    3) Help Me Get Off the Stage
    4) Everyone Knows
    5) Waiting to Meet You
    6) Shy Violet
    7) Me and the Kids
    8) To Make You Happy
    9) Gustav

    Released in 2002/Proverus Records
    Catalog number: PR-00082

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  • Jelise and Company

    Jesus is All the World to Me LP

    Jelise Roberts/saxophone/leader/illustration
    Starlet King/clarinet/trumpet/vocals
    Kelly Hyatt/trumpet
    Jillian Kelly/flute
    Lakeesha Sheares/percussionist
    Jazmund Lyons/auxiliary percussion
    Ben Langlois/guitar
    Jonathan Kampfe/bass
    Leigh Ashley Wizgen/lead vocals
    Collin Wizgen/orchestrator
    Matthew Allen/assistant orchestrator
    Charles W. McDaniels/piano/manager/producer
    Dwight Trusty/engineer
    Jay Langlois/photography
    Recorded and mixed at Horizon Recording Studio in Delta, Ohio

    Track list:
    1) Jesus is All the World to Me
    2) Walk with Me Lord
    3) What is This?
    4) Walking with the Lord
    5) I Know Jesus
    6) I Heard the Voice
    7) Devil Get Out of My Face
    8) When I'm in Glory
    9) I'll Always Love You Lord
    10) Jesus Died for Me

    Released in 2000/self-release

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  • KafKaMachine

    DoKument EP

    Like Elvis
    Gerbil/electric dulcimer
    Iron Treble/bass
    Sid Caesar/bass
    Cakaw Cakaw/drums
    Chaz Rockwell
    The Hideous Penguin Boy/vocals/keyboards
    Recorded live at Easystreet Cafe in Bowling Green, Ohio

    2) I Hocked a Loogie on the Door
    3) Drink
    4) The Importance of Feelings

    Released in 2001/self-release

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  • Lenore

    Valentia LP

    Jonathan Yowell/keyboard/vocals/words/producer
    Myke Greenlese/bass/producer
    Jimmy Wodarski/guitar/producer
    Robert Foster/drums/producer
    Tony Hamera/producer
    Jonah/graphic design
    Stacy Williams/CD face art

    Track list:
    1) Ashes
    2) Nevermore
    3) Sleepwalkers
    4) One Rose
    5) The Chauffeur
    6) Daughter
    7) The 9th Plague
    8) The Rogue
    9) Trick or Treat
    10) I See Dead People
    11) Jyhad

    Released in 2000/The Purple Gang Records

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  • Logic Alley

    Padded Walls Presents Logic Alley LP

    Scottie Hall/bass/vocals
    Patrick McGee/guitar/vocals
    Eric McMahon/guitar/vocals
    William Hall/drums/vocals
    Trina Stolec/poet/vocals
    Dalton Brand/recording/mixing/mastering
    Bill Stadler/assistant engineer
    Sony Rickson/photography
    Rachelle Raymer-Gilbert/photography
    Recorded at WaveBurner Recording in Port Clinton, Ohio

    Track list:
    1) MonkeyJunk
    2) We Do a) The Estranged Mother b) God of All Gods
    3) Victim
    4) Skeletons in the Closet
    5) She Sleeps
    6) Gypsy
    7) Driving with Slim
    8) What Have We Done?
    9) Devil (She Take My Soul)
    10) The Castle
    11) His Face
    12) Siddhartha

    Released in 1999/Logic Alley
    Catalog number: LA6969

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  • The Meat

    Summer Links Demo

    Phoebe Ballard/guitar/vocals
    Eliza Eureste/bass/vocals
    Megan Plesea/guitar/vocals
    Angel Danger/drums
    Recorded at Owens Community College in Toledo, Ohio on July 29, 2001

    Track list:
    1) No. 9
    2) Diversions
    3) Carma
    4) Up From the Down and Out
    5) A Song for Jeremiah
    6) Sword in My Throat
    7) Interlude to Jackson

    Released in 2001/self-release

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  • One Thin Dime

    Forthcoming LP

    Klem/melodic narrator/guitars
    Chris Stoll/drums/vocals/protagonist/recording/mixing/mastering
    Chris Zielinski/bass/vocals/reluctant hero
    Recorded at Summer SunShine Studios

    Track list:
    1) Overtime
    2) Noisy Momentum
    3) Tea Leaves
    4) 101 mph
    5) Wondering
    6) Turns Me Around
    7) It's Too Late
    8) 2-1 Posse
    9) A Stone Hippopotamus
    10) Listening
    11) Somehow
    12) 2 Dozen Apples
    13) Birds and Wildflowers
    14) Probably

    Released in 2001/Sunniest Records

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  • The Orgones

    Break Through Into the Vegetative Realm with The Orgones LP

    Damion Heintschel/vocals/guitar
    Rich Weaver/bass
    Ron Werdebaugh/vocals/guitar
    Phil Dickinson (aka D. Lee Plaza)/drums
    Edward Atlee Gore/recording
    Recorded at the UCF house in Bowling Green, Ohio

    Released in 2000/Project: Atlantis zine imprint

    Dodge Pond LP

    Damion Heintschel/vocals/guitar
    Rich Weaver/bass
    Ron Werdebaugh/vocals/guitar
    Phil Dickinson (aka D. Lee Plaza)/drums
    Jason Thomas/recording
    Dan Dick/cover design
    Gary C. Gianetto/photography
    Recorded at 935 Toronto in Toledo, Ohio on Oct. 29 and Nov. 2, 2000

    Track list:
    1) Hindenburg Over My House
    2) Stomper
    3) Blu Komet
    4) Been Too Long
    5) Criminal Minded
    6) Ferraro
    7) Ruby Jack
    8) Testify
    9) Dodge Pond
    10) Everywhere I Go
    11) Diallo
    12) Mid-life Shutdown

    Released in 2001/Orgonized Records
    Catalog number: ORCD-001

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  • Poe Ditch


    Andrew Ellis/vocals/guitar
    Aaron Rutter/violin
    Dustin Fillion/bass
    Charles Edward Allen III/drums
    Recorded and mixed at Big Sky Recording Studio in Ann Arbor, Mich.

    Track list:
    1) Gospel Bill
    2) Freak Junkie Side Show
    3) Break You Down
    4) Quitter
    5) Turnstile Blues

    Released in 2000/Slickhands Records

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  • Pulled Groin

    No Tocar Canasto Giratorio EP

    Rob Weaver (aka Jack)/vocals/guitar
    Mark Bickle (aka Chester)/bass/guitar/vocals
    Tommy Gryzbowski (aka Karvel)/drums
    Noel Keesee/engineer
    Peggy Stierman/photography
    Recorded at The House of Toast

    Track list:
    1) Corner Giles
    2) Ryan's Neighbor
    3) Welcome to the World
    4) Around the Edges
    5) Chester's Better Friend

    Released in 1997/self-release

    Nuts EP

    Rob Weaver (aka Jack)/vocals/guitar
    Mark Bickle (aka Chester)/bass/guitar/vocals
    Tommy Gryzbowski (aka Karvel)/drums

    Precious Squeezin's LP

    Rob Weaver (aka Jack)/vocals/guitar
    Mark Bickle (aka Chester)/bass/guitar/vocals
    Tommy Gryzbowski (aka Karvel)/drums
    M. Baron Johnson/bass
    Mark Mikel/sitar
    Dave Moore/fiddle
    Larry Martin/banjo
    Chad Smith/Hammond B3 organ
    Liz Owens/backing vocals
    Michael Johnson/backing vocals/layout/cover work
    Brandon Boltz/backing vocals
    Noel Keesee/engineer
    Rachel Johnson/photography
    Recorded at The House of Toast

    Track list:
    1) My Finest Year
    2) Julkandanc
    3) Down Dave's Neck
    4) Biscuits and Soup
    5) Glory B
    6) Don't Mess with My Can
    7) Shenangroin Breakdown
    8) Old Man Doug

    Released in 1999/self-release

    Butt Crack Chronicles EP

    Rob Weaver (aka Jack)/vocals/guitar/mixing
    Mark Bickle (aka Chester)/bass/guitar/vocals/mixing
    Tommy Gryzbowski (aka Karvel)/drums/mixing
    Michael Johnson/lead guitar/overdubs/mixing/layout
    Larry Martin/banjo/mandolin/guitar
    Brandon Boltz/backing vocals/recording/overdubs
    M. Ryan Lewandowski/keyboards
    Michael P. Murphy/bass
    Liz Owens/Erica Swansle's voice on "East Side Mental"
    Eric "Snoop" Doremus/Gary Blowdanker's voice on "East Side Mental"
    Mark Fuchs/recording
    Recorded at Finch's space

    Track list:
    1) Gallowish
    2) Parts and Pieces
    3) Steamboat AZ
    4) Tune in April
    5) Saucy Temptatious
    6) Thee Knights
    7) East Side Mental

    Released in 2001/No Focus Records

    Butt 2 EP

    Rob Weaver (aka Jack)/vocals/guitar/overdubs/mixing
    Mark Bickle (aka Chester)/bass/guitar/vocals/overdubs/mixing
    Tommy Gryzbowski (aka Karvel)/drums/overdubs/mixing
    Michael Johnson/lead guitar/layout/overdubs/mixing
    Larry Martin/banjo/mandolin/guitar
    Brandon Boltz/backing vocals/keyboards/recording
    M. Ryan Lewandowski/keyboards
    Mark Fuchs/recording
    Rachel S. Johnson/photography
    Recorded at Finch's space

    Track list:
    1) Six Times
    2) Leroy Tittle
    3) Irish Outro
    4) Machinery Blue Days
    5) Steamboat AZ
    6) Parts and Pieces
    7) The Load

    Released in 2001/No Focus Records

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  • San Diago

    Iz You Miz or Iz You Maint? single

    D. Marshall/songwriter
    Naked Eye/producer
    James Banks/executive producer
    D. Davis/executive producer
    D. Heller/executive producer
    Hazard UGN graphics/cover art/layout
    Octopus Entertainment/management
    Recorded at Action City Records in Texas, Ohio

    Track list:
    1) Iz you miz or iz you maint?
    2) Iz you miz or iz you maint? (Inst.)
    3) Iz you miz or iz you maint? (House mix)
    4) Iz you miz or iz you maint? (House inst.)

    Released in 1999/Moovement Records

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  • Soledad Brothers

    Soledad Brothers LP

    Johnny Walker/guitar/harp/organ/vocals
    Ben Smith (aka Ben Swank)/drums/percussion
    Brian Olive/guitar on "Lovin' Machine"
    Meg White/percussion
    Jack White/recording
    John Sinclair/liner notes
    RankArt/cover art
    Cholomite/cover art
    Amy Marchegiani/additional design and production
    Recorded at 3rd Man Studio in Detroit, Mich. and mixed at Ghetto Recorders

    Track list:
    1) Gospel According to John
    2) What Hath God Wraught
    3) The Weight of the World
    4) Front St. Front
    5) Lovin' Machine
    6) Cadillac Hips
    7) Shinning Path
    8) Rock Me Slow
    9) Handle Song
    10) St. Ides of March
    11) Sugar and Spice
    12) I-75 Boogie
    13) Do the Heartstopper
    14) Gimmie Back My Wig
    15) Mysterious Ways

    Released in 2000/Estrus Records
    Catalog number: ES1271D

    Steal Your Soul and Dare Your Spirit to Move LP

    Johnny Walker/guitar/harp/vocals/bass drum/clapping/producer
    Ben Smith (aka Ben Swank)/drums/percussion/clapping/producer/layout
    Oliver Henry/saxaphone/backing vocals/organ/guitar/electric piano/flute/producer
    C.J. Forgee/slide guitar
    The Third Man/clapping/navigation
    Jim Diamond/clapping
    Patrick Pantano/clapping/percussion
    Ko Melina/clapping/organ
    Jesse/bass viol/tambourine/penny whistle
    "Diamond" Dan Alaire/snare drum/tom-toms
    Ruben Glazer/backing vocals/percussion/producer
    Recorded at 3rd Man studios, Ghetto Recorders and The Covington Lodge

    Track list:
    1) Prince Among Theives
    2) Prodical Stones Blues
    3) This Guitar Says I'm Sorry
    4) Break'em on Down
    5) Nation's Bell
    6) Hammer Me Down
    7) Michigan Line
    8) .32 Blues
    9) Ray of Love
    10) Skidmore Blues
    11) Miracle Birth
    12) There's No Sunshine When She's Gone
    13) Good Friday

    Released in 2002/Estrus Records
    Catalog number: ES1289D

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  • The Sprags

    Neighborhood Sounds LP

    Scott Hunt/bass/vocals
    Dusty Whitman/guitar/vocals
    Mark Bickle/guitar/vocals
    Rob Weaver/drums

    Track list:
    1) Nite Time Davy
    2) Agent Dating
    3) Sun That Melts My Snow
    4) Dangerous
    5) At Noon and at Nite
    6) Anti-Social
    7) Arletta Lane
    8) Let Me Have It
    9) Yellow and Blue
    10) The Girl You Love
    11) Does Anyone Feel
    12) Discredited Man
    13) Lovely
    14) Busy as a Bee

    Released in 1994

    Let's Get Lonely LP

    Scott Hunt/bass/vocals
    Dusty Whitman/guitar/vocals
    Mark Bickle/guitar/vocals
    Rob Weaver/drums

    Track list:
    1) Rock 'n' Roll Chord
    2) I'll Be Around
    3) The Official Chief of Police's Daughter #5
    4) Toothache
    5) She Lady
    6) Happy
    7) Get It
    8) Changed My Mind
    9) Village
    10) Melancholy Miles
    11) Let's Get Lonely
    12) Something About Sunshine
    13) Stupid Jerk

    Released in 1996

    Holiday LP

    Scott Hunt/bass/vocals
    Dusty Whitman/guitar/vocals
    Mark Bickle/guitar/vocals
    Mark Mikel/drums

    Track list:
    1) Sha La Me
    2) Hotel Song
    3) Last Midnight
    4) Girl Worth Gettin'
    5) Still 'N' Style
    6) Gonna Get Old
    7) Cover in the Shade
    8) Two Bit Blues
    9) Old Broken Things
    10) Father and Son
    11) Tickle Torture

    Released in 1998

    Toxic Shock LP

    Scott Hunt/bass/vocals/producer
    Dusty Whitman/guitar/vocals
    Mark Bickle/guitar/vocals
    Mark Mikel/drums
    Andy Feyes/horns
    Gary Herren/horns
    Calen Bruce/horns
    Adam Reardon/horns
    Gabriel Feurdean/strings
    Nicole Solomonoff/strings
    Mark Dorosheff/strings
    Shalunda Fincher/strings
    Ken Dudley/producer/design
    Jim Ryan/manager
    David Hall/cover art
    Heather Whitman/photography

    Track list:
    1) East Coast
    2) My 41st
    3) In Closing
    4) Dick Mason
    5) I'm So Cute
    6) No Time
    7) Goin' to the Movies
    8) Startin' All Over Again
    9) Cock Rockin' Messiah
    10) In the Morning
    11) Munchkin Land
    12) Over the Sun

    Released in 2000/Galaxy Records
    Catalog number: GR-00072

    Spil Phector LP

    Scott Hunt/bass/vocals/producer
    Dusty Whitman/rhythm guitar/vocals
    Dan Greunke/lead guitar/vocals
    Mark Mikel/drums
    Andy Feyes/trumpet
    Adam Reardon/trombone
    Monika Chamasyan/violin
    Florin Simioanca/viola
    Mark Dorosheff/violin
    David Stein/cello
    Ken Dudley/producer
    Jim Ryan/manager
    Valerie Brown/publicist
    Sergio Ruiz/photography
    Heather Whitman/photography
    Chris Porter/photography/graphic design
    Shawn Hudak/graphic design

    Track list:
    1) Cookin'
    2) Fly By July
    3) Nothing's Wrong
    4) Blue Vs. Blues
    5) Like the Rollin' Stones
    6) Walk in the Mall
    7) Madame Duplaix
    8) No, San Francisco
    9) American Original
    10) Something to Do
    11) The Vacuum of Space Never Makes a Sound
    12) Cabbage and Leeks
    13) The Breathing
    14) Everybody's Waiting to See
    15) My Lovely June

    Released in 2002/Proverus Records
    Catalog number: PR-00092

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  • The Starlings


    Doug Picott
    Vince Lyons
    Jeff Stewart/guitar/layout/artwork
    Dave Johnson
    Jeff Harris
    Gregg Leonard/producer
    Geoff Michael/engineer
    Dave Holman/photography
    Dan Crawford/design/layout
    Recorded at the Tempermill, Ferndale, Mich.; Al's Audio Diner and Big Sky in Ann Arbor, Mich.

    Track list:
    1) Makes Me Feel
    2) Ten Feet Tall
    3) Need Enough
    4) Honey Red
    5) Crossed the Line
    6) Sleep
    7) Unassuming
    8) Cold
    9) River of Fools
    10) Unfold

    Released in 1998/self-release

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  • Streamlined


    Courtney Jane Boxell/Farfisa compact organ/Theremin/percussion/vocals
    Bryan Ellis/Thunderbird bass
    Tony Lowe/Fender Stratocaster/Fender Jazzmaster
    Lyndsay Stiles/MicroMoog/Roland d-20/treated DanElectro/the kitchen sink/vocals
    Todd A. Swalla/Ludwig Vistalites/cracked and mangled Zildjian cymbals/mixing
    Red Swalla/cello
    Dan Greunke/use of tape machine
    Noel Keesee/mixing
    Recorded from Feb. 18-March 22, 2001 at Todd's apartment and mixed at The House of Toast on March 29, 2001

    Track list:
    1) Maddened
    2) Barcode
    3) Chappequidick
    4) Satellites and Echoes

    Released in 2001/Libertatia Recordings

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  • Stylex

    Big Turbo EP

    Brian Anthony Kantorski/bass/synthesizer
    Joel Adam Roberts/synthesizer/guitar/vocoder/drum programming/vocals
    Dustin Amery Hostetler/vocals/sampler

    Track list:
    1) Heartbeeps
    2) Not Tonight
    3) No!
    4) Narcolepsy
    5) Ektagraphic
    6) Bureaucracy Fantasy

    Released in 2000/self-release

    Wonder Program LP

    Brian Kantorski/bass/keyboards
    Joel Roberts/keyboards/guitar/vocoder/drum programming/vocals
    Dustin Hostetler/vocals
    Jeff Loose/drums/lewd humor

    Track list:
    1) Program
    2) Bureaucracy
    3) Rattlesnakes
    4) Stylex
    5) Knonan
    6) No!
    7) Not 2 Nite
    8) Diebold
    9) Robotso
    10) Sea of Numbers

    Released in 2001/Reccreate

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  • Universe Crew

    What's Inside Your Afro? LP

    Nicholas J. Riggio (aka FSC)/executive producer/engineer/musical composition and instrumentation
    Matthew A. Donahue (aka M.A.D.)/communications coordinator/visual artist/vocals
    Hans G. Schnapp (aka CK Jupiter)/visual communication/vocals
    Rebecca Masiker/artistic intelligence/cover creation/disc artwork/photography
    D.J. Orbit/interplanetary beatbox/vocals
    Mastered at Monsterdisc Inc. in Chicago, Ill.

    Track list:
    1) Which Way to the Universe
    2) Where We Come From
    3) 11:11
    4) What's Inside Your Afro
    5) Thieves of Time
    6) Ghetto Sandwhich
    7) Stranger in the Pentagon
    8) Indo Stick
    9) 1984-1994
    10) Johnny Law
    11) The Big You See a) The Way For b) Our Planet c) To Launch Species d) To the Source
    12) Hurdy Gurdy Man

    Released in 1997/Green Tea Records
    Catalog number: GTCD001

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